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Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a container that is placed in the vagina to collect menstrual blood instead of traditional sanitary napkins and tampons. Made of latex, silicone, or thermoplastic, the Menstrual cup is soft and elastic. It is bell-shaped, with a short handle at the bottom. The bell-shaped section is stuck in the vagina to collect menstrual blood flowing out of the uterus while the short handle keeps the cup balanced in the vagina and makes it easier to remove.



Menstrual cup series

Introduction of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups come in different sizes. The main factor to consider when you choose is the width of the vagina and the amount of menstruation. Menstrual cups are generally divided into two types of sizes. Basically, the small size is suitable for women who don’t give birth, while the large size is more suitable for women after childbirth.

Menstrual cup series-packing

Advantages of Menstrual Cup

1. Environmental protection: If used or stored properly, a menstrual cup can last 5 to 10 years.

2. Convenience: For workers who stand for a long time, such as surgeons, teachers, tourists, and so on, menstrual cups are more convenient and hygienic. It may not be convenient to change or buy sanitary napkins in some kinds of situations. There is no need to change frequently when you use a menstrual cup. Also, it can be carried with luggage.

3. Preventing eczema and infection of the vulva: The menstrual blood from the cervix directly flows into the cup so that the vulva remains dry and clean.

4. Comfort: Compared with sanitary napkins, menstrual cups can prevent side leakage, which can reduce the psychological burden of users. And people won’t feel stuffy even they use it in summer.

5. Knowing your menstrual blood volume: Women who use menstrual cups can know their menstrual blood volume and color from the collected blood.

6. Avoiding some medical side effects: the material of the menstrual cup can be placed in the vagina for 12 hours. So there is no need to worry about toxic shock groups or other gynecological diseases and other side effects.

Image Item NO. Description G/W
Carton size(cm)
MC-S-L MC-S-L Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, long straight end; white, purple, pink; φ42*109mm; 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-M MC-S-M Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, medium-end; white, pink; S φ40*70mm, L φ45*70mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-H MC-S-H Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, heart end; clear, purple, pink, orange, blue;  S φ44*70mm, L φ46*72mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-R MC-S-R Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, round end; white, pink, purple, blue, black; S 25ml φ44*64mm; L 30ml φ47*68mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-S MC-S-S Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, short end; white, pink, purple, green to blue; XS 18ml φ38*55mm; S 25ml φ42*60mm; L 28ml φ45*64mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-WC-F MC-WC-F Menstrual Cup washing cup, foldable; pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, black; unfolded 170ml φ78*72; folded φ80*18mm 16.0 32*35*42
MC-S-SS MC-S-SS Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, stomach shape; Clear, pink, purple; S 25ml φ45*68mm; L 30ml φ48*70mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-L-O MC-L-O Menstrual Cup, liquid silicone, oblate end; Clear, pink, purple; S 4*6.3cm 11g; M 4.5*7cm 13g 7.5 58.5*26*35
MC-L-B MC-L-B Menstrual Cup, liquid silicone, bell shape; Clear, pink, purple;  S 4.3*7.4cm 35ml, L 4.5*7.4cm 40ml 7.5 58.5*26**35
MC-L-BD MC-L-BD Menstrual Cup, liquid silicone, bell shape, drained type; Clear; φ40*70mm 7.5 58.5*26**35
MC-S-B MC-S-B Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, bell shape; Clear, orange,  pink, purple; S 20ml φ45*64mm; L 30ml φ47*66mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-DC-S MC-S-DC-S Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, drained type with cap, Small type; Clear, orange,  pink, purple; S φ42*79mm; L φ46*85mm 8.0 32*35*42
MC-S-DC-M MC-S-DC-M Menstrual Cup, solid silicone, drained type with cap, Medium type; Clear, orange,  pink, purple; S φ42*70mm; L φ46*70mm 8.0 32*35*42
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