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Tampon is a popular daily care products for women in period, which is a good replacement for sanitary pads, which will not leak even in swim or sports. Tampon is also small in size and saves materials.




  • Sanitary single pack;
  • German import cotton core;
  • Smooth opening and surface for comfortable use;
  • Super adsorption without side leak.
Type Picture Size
Finger push type Duct tampon S, M, L
Duct type Finger push tampon S, M, L


  • Spiral groove for quick drainage;
  • Smooth surface for easy push and withdraw;
  • S, M and L size to fit different adsorption requirement;
  • Comfortable built-in products with no sense comfortable;
  • Carefree products even swim or exercise in period;
  • Quick adsorption cotton core without leak.


Item NO. Description
FT-S Finger push type tampon, S, 6~9G, φ12.2*51mm
FT-M Finger push type tampon, M,9-12G, φ13.2*51mm
FT-L Finger push type tampon, L, 12-15G, φ15*51mm
DT-S White duct type tampon, S, 6~9G, φ14*125mm
DT-M White duct type tampon, M, 9-12G, φ15*128mm
DT-L White duct type tampon, L, 12-15G, φ16*128mm
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