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Yoni Detox Pearl

Yoni detox pearl is used for cleaning, anti-bacteria, odor removing, protection, and moisturizing of women’s vagina, which can reduce discomfort and cure some gynecological diseases.



Advantages of Yoni Detox Pearl

  1. Hand-made pills;
  2. Adjustable tightness of the pearl;
  3. Six effects in one: bacteriostatic, nourishing and repairing, detoxification, delicate, and firming.
  4. Ozone and anionic formula


Antibacterial effect
Bacteria Antibacterial rate
Staphylococcus aureus >50%
Escherichia coli >50%
Candida albicans >50%


Image Item NO. Description Packagepcs) G/W
Carton size(cm)
YP Yoni pearl, net content 1.2g 100pcs*10bags/carton 3.0  33.5*34.5*23.5


This product is prohibited to be used on those who are allergic, pregnant, in the period. And it can not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.


Step 1. Clean your hands;

Step 2. Pull out the string of the pearl;

Step 3. Put the yoni pearl inside the vagina without the string in;

Step 4. Remove the yoni pearl after 2-3days;

Step 5. Clean your vagina with water.

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